What modulates our Sun? The majority of science work on the principle that the Sun is self modulating and each solar cycle is a product of a random number generator. There are others that suspect the Sun is modulated by the planets with a special emphasis on Uranus & Neptune. Thanks to Carl Smith who has recently left us we have new knowledge that significantly adds to Jose, Landscheidt & Charvàtovà's work.

Geoff Sharp

Who's Name should be on the next Grand Minimum


Anthony Watt's Ugly campaign.

Anthony Watt's through his blog is attempting to name any current grand minimum that may occur the "Eddy Minimum" He is banning any resistance to his cause and has banned myself from his blog.

This is a blatant campaign to remove Landscheidt from the naming rights because Watt's has something against Landscheidt and anybody that might be connected with Planetary Science. Watt's met with sturdy opposition at his proposal but still insisted on pursuing his quest via an online campaign. It seems even Wikipedia is supporting Watt's,  which tells us all something.

Eddy did not predict ANY grand minimum and also did not discover the Maunder Minimum. Landscheidt was not totally correct in his prediction but was very close, but more importantly he provided the foundation that spurred on science to a much greater understanding and improved predicting skills that allow us to accurately predict this grand minimum and any future grand minimum

Mainstream science is now accepting planetary theory as a solid theory for solar influence. Watt's will be left behind with others and judged by history by his pathetic actions.

Please sign the petition to enable "Landscheidt Minimum" as the rightful name if the predicted Grand Minimum comes to pass.

Landscheidt Minimum Petition



Some history on Watt's deception.

April 22 2009 Watts posted an article on his blog:

"WUWT Poll: What should we call the current solar minimum? "

There is no poll option for Landscheidt even after many commenters requested Landscheidt be added to the poll.

Over 60 suggestions were made for the "Landscheidt Minimum" as the worthy title.

June 13 2009 Watts posts another article:

Online Petition: The next significant solar minimum should be called “The Eddy Minimum

Many commenters were against Watt's petition including myself and Willis Eschenbach. Watt's takes no heed.

Since then anyone mentioning a "Landscheidt Minimum" on WUWT was either put straight or snipped. The campaign is now strengthening as Watt's instructs all moderators to not allow the words "Landscheidt Minimum" to appear on WWUT. I challenged this move and was immediately banned from WUWT. A transcript follows:

Dec 15 2012.

J Martin says:

Landscheidt Eddy [sorry, it has already been decided by the solar astronomy community -mod] Minimum

Unofficially decided by a xenophobic and US solar community that no one has ever heard of. The world is larger than the just the USA.

Landscheidt ( a German) predicted the minimum in 1983.
Eddy (an American) concluded the sun is a variable star, he did not predict the forthcoming minimum.
Landscheidt predicted the minimum in the 1980s.

Eddy’s name can be used another day for something else.

The minimum should not be named after random deserving people. The finest scientist the US has ever produced, Richard Feynman, a man who was deservedly respected Worldwide would be a fine candidate to have something named after him. But he didn’t predict this minimum.

Since Landscheidt predicted the minimum and was the only person to do so, it should rightly be named after him.

I shall continue to use the name Landscheidt as I am sure many others will.

REPLY: Jack Eddy, discoverer of the Maunder Minimum is a “random [un]deserving people”? Wow, are you out of the loop. Use it all you want, but you still don’t get to make the call on the name of the next minimum, the professional solar science community does that. I and the mods will continue to correct use of Landscheidt here where appropriate. – Anthony

voting is open to

voting is open to need to register.

But I guess Carl Smith

But I guess Carl Smith himself would have wanted it to be named as Landscheidt Minimum. :-)

(The "inspiration" that flows, I guess Tallbloke and Geoff Sharp would name anything they discover as "Carl Smith (Something)", just as if I could discover anything in this field, I would name it "Tallbloke Sharp Maximum." 

Keep up the "good" fight, gentlemen, you are an inspiration. :-)

Thanks Sagars, I think most

Thanks Sagars, I think most of us on the planetary side think that Landscheidt deserves the rights. There were other pioneers with their own contributions which include Charvàtovà who was perhaps closer but did not understand the mechanics.  Landscheidt inspired Carl to produce his graph, which is the Rosetta Stone, this indeed must be recognized.

Good point Dave, I think Carl

Good point Dave, I think Carl was expecting a slowdown along the Landscheidt prediction, but he certainly did provide the understanding to nail it down far more precisely. Poll adjusted.

Many thanks go to Carl's brother Dave for providing the Domain, Server and Software.