What modulates our Sun? The majority of science work on the principle that the Sun is self modulating and each solar cycle is a product of a random number generator. There are others that suspect the Sun is modulated by the planets with a special emphasis on Uranus & Neptune. Thanks to Carl Smith who has recently left us we have new knowledge that significantly adds to Jose, Landscheidt & Charvàtovà's work.

Geoff Sharp

May News 2014

May Update:  This month saw a decrease in activity with the southern hemisphere continuing to dominate with about 70% of the activity recorded in the south, the north dropping off compared with last months temporary rise . The speck ratio staying around the 0.6 level and overall SC24 continues to demonstrate the higher proportion of small spots to large spots during SC24, if we take away the small spots counted in passing groups the ratio would be much higher.

Many thanks go to Carl's brother Dave for providing the Domain, Server and Software.